Tuesday, 18 March 2014

{{Shine}} and more...

Hello beautiful souls, I hope you have had an amazing Tuesday.  Here in Devon we have had some of the wet stuff!  I couldn't believe it when I popped out to do the morning animal chores and felt the rain falling upon my head.  The weather report had promised it would be dry until Thursday. Huff and puff!

Apart from that, today has been a good day.  Our new chicken girlies are settling in really well and have been accepted by the oldies.  They are yet to find their space on the evening perches but that will come in time, for now they are happy together on the floor, bless 'em.   They are as yet un-named and un-photographed!  Must put that right rather sharpish.

I have managed to grab a little bit of studio time today which I'm extremely grateful for.  Being a mama of 6 and home-educating  means very little 'spare' time.  I am trying to find a routine that ensures all the plates I am juggling are given at least a little time each day. Obviously the most important plate is the mama one, followed very closely by the home-ed - for the majority of the time these two intertwine but I'm always aware of the educational choice we have made and I take that responsibility seriously.  I'm conscious that the buck truly does stop with me and sadly many eyes are watching and awaiting failure.  Other things on my many plates include housekeeping, smallholder (animals and vegetable growth), and the newest one - small business owner wannabe.  I need to find time throughout the day for a snippet of all of those things without having to stay up until some ungodly hour.  I also need to take care of me and sleep!

Here is what I have managed to create today during studio time...



I also completed this one...

In the future I will be showing my sketches in a 'tales from the sketchbook' series but for today I'll just share them within this posting. I grabbed a few spare minutes this evening to quickly sketch a few outlines. Some of these will progress to to be copied and painted in detail onto canvas within the next few weeks.

and finally, this is a sneaky peek of my current work in progress...

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